Based on 10 years of research in Masvingo province and reported in the book, Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities, this series of 8 videos (approx 5 mins each) shows the experiences of some of the farmers who gained land following Zimbabwe's controversial land reform from 2000. These voices from the field demonstrate that there have been some successes, and that land reform has not been the disaster that is sometimes reported.


Click below to see Part 1 which offers an overview and introduction as part of a youtube playlist. Parts 2-8 follow on and offer profiles of some of the relatively successful farmers from both A1 and A2 resettlements in different parts of Masvingo Province.


Please note: the first and last sections are repeated, and can be skipped if you want. Or you can watch them separately through the links below.

Part 1
Part 5
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Part 3
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Part 6
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Part 8

Zimbabwe’s land reform:

Voices from the field - Parts 1-8

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These films emerge from a research project looking at the relationships between space, markets, employment and agricultural development in southern Africa ( The films focus on the impacts of new farm production following land reform in Zimbabwe on the local economy. In addition to a short introduction and an overview, there are three films looking at different commodities (tobacco, beef and horticulture), each offering case studies of farms, and their economic linkages.

Zimbabwe’s land reform:

Making Markets